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Bully Sticks Can Be a Choking Risk...

Bully sticks are healthy dog chew option, but the fun can quickly end when your dog chews down to the last inch. The SafetyChew helps to prevent your dog from choking on the last inch of the bully stick. Our bully stick holder starter pack includes everything your dog needs to start chewing more safely.

The SafetyChew Bully Stick Holder Works Differently...

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Durable Bully stick holder makes dog chews safe for aggressive chewers and puppies

SafetyChew Reviews

"SafetyChew bully stick holder allows my dog to enjoy a bully stick safely. A happy and busy pup gives me peace of mind all day!"

Danielle H. from Chicago

This is the third different bully stick holder I have purchased. The chew always slipped out of other holders. SafetyChew actually holds the stick and gives me peace of mind. Third time's the charm!!

Alex B. from New York

Bully sticks are an expensive, but incredibly healthy treat! SafetyChew bully stick holder DOUBLES my dog's chew time. Amazing product!

Liz H. from San Francisco